About Lawrence the Toy Maker

We all love the aroma, coolness and smooth to touch texture of wood. Our wooden toys are carefully crafted by hand. Wooden toys made by Lawrence are robust, and provide that unmistakable experience that comes from using natural products.

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Safe and Fun

Lawrence's wooden toys are made of 100% wood and natural sealers, there are no harmful paints or nails used in their construction. Watch children play with wooden toys, You will hear them making noises while pushing them around, placing toy figures in and out and making up amazing scenarios. They exercise their imaginations! in the wonderfully rich world of their minds.

Modern plastic toys, with ferociously high-tech features, are created to primarily amuse and distract children, and are often about as overstimulating as a bucket of coffee. But they are also lucky to last 12 months. Wooden toys by Lawrence, will last years and can be mended simply and inexpensively.

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Use the form to email your order. Because our wooden toys are lovingly made to order, I will reply within 24 hours to discuss.